The website is reborn!

For a long time, TEKBYTE.NET, has been the place where I write technical articles and share my thoughts on various topics ranging from development to productivity improvements and solutions to technical issues however, things are changing!

What happened to Tekbyte?

Tekbyte will stay as a blog-only website however, as I am starting to dive into mobile app development, I am also starting my journey in providing services to businesses who are after mobile apps that will further enhance the experience for their customers.

My website Tekbyte clashes with other local businesses who have similar names so I have decided to go ahead as a sole trader. In this case, use my “” and “” domain names.

The plan

Going forward, “” (or, will be the place where I will write articles, share my portfolio but also provide app development services. This will be my little corner of the web.

I will continue to provide educational content ranging from tech how-to guides as well as inspiration articles sharing my journey in mobile app development.


I am very excited to kick-start my personal website as I believe this will allow me to centralise my work and take it to the next level.

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